Never Forgotten

I saw you today, after over a decade

You looked younger than I remembered and even in the absence of a smile

You appeared so very happy, certain you were in the right place

At the right time, with the right person.



I saw your face and  instantly hundreds of memories collided

And I felt sad and happy at the same time

Your expression was just as I remembered


You looked my way, right at me

And yet  you did not see me

I saw your face and instantly hundreds of memories collided

All of them good memories.

All of them.

What a legacy

Soil sea

A marsh where a field had been

No longer pasture, not quite a  mere.

Frost forced firmness

was undermined by damp.


Warmth from the infrequent sun

Could not pierce the mantle.

And standing in the middle at night

Listening to trickling rivulets

Streaming across the surface  I heard

An army of droplets joined in their

riotous run  down towards the brook.


A quiet week, slips in.

A reprieve and the Earth swallows downwards

The ground tolerant of weight

Seizing his moment the farmer

Swings along with his plough

Diligently travels back and forth, back and forth


Now the earth has been turned, deeply with sweeping curves

In the sunlight and in the frost, even brown can twinkle and shine

A chance for fertility offered.


A Soil Sea Ocean

Process Interrupted

Being held up

Computer security

International delaying tactics


Was that you? via other technology


Yes it was me

I am usually me

I and Me, go about together

A lot


Are you sure?

I am sure

Me? I am sure

I and Me , we are both sure


Testing certainty

……Just wait a few minutes then



The headache

Scattered uncollected,  my thoughts

Skitter about inside my head

Staggering drunkenly into each other.

Fractured before collision, destroyed afterwards

Smithereens strew my mind,

A thought cloud of dust

Shades the coming moments.


No creative destruction here.



A sky full of snow

above my head

Not threatening, yet

A silent presence to consider

In all activities.


I miss the coy blues peeping out from clouds

Or the blatant hues of  blues brazenly declaring

Its a blue sky day


So today I do my Thinking

under a Sky full of snow


Keeping watch

She sleeps in the centre of his bed

She has decided that’s where for now she belongs

Safe and warm and low to the ground


He visits her and leans right  in

She is sleeping in his bed, she needs the sleep

He breathes warmly onto her head


He gazes softly at her as she opens one eye

Maybe she lifts her head briefly

The she resumes her sleep


Sighing he leaves her

Returning to the sofa

To maintain his vigil


On his oldest friend